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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Right Reverend Hillary

Generally I don’t want to wander into the realm of politics here (except where it involves biblical truth), but considering that the senator availed herself to speak in a “church” setting this is fair game.

As a part of her political schmoozing, Hillary delivered an address at First Baptist Church in Selma, AL (supposedly) to commemorate Bloody Sunday. The following comments are excerpted from a post by Dean Barnett, at Hugh Hewitt’s blog at [Any additions by me will be bracketed.]

Hillary, accomplished what I previously considered impossible. She made me feel bad for her. Really, you’ve got to find the video of this speech. Every now and again, she would lapse into a phony southern accent and begin talking like I guess how she figures an African American southern preacher speaks. It was jarring. [try it here]

SO WHY THE PITY? After all, Al Gore did the exact same shtick constantly when he sought the presidency in 2000. For some audiences, he was a normal person. For other audiences, especially African American audiences, he transformed himself into a technocratic Pentecostal minister, slamming the podium and talking with spiritual inflections. But for Gore, this was par for the course.

Unlike Gore, Hillary is a serious person. She’s a policy wonk and a chronically vicious politician. America’s Sweetheart she ain’t. And yet she somehow has to try to scrub this image to make it more appealing for public consumption. Watching Hillary trying to deliver a dose of that old-time religion, I think I sensed her discomfort. I think she felt like a schmuck. She certainly looked like one.

Hillary is an unappealing grey figure. There’s no getting around that. Her attempts to obscure that obvious fact inevitably ring hollow. [Like trying to pass herself off as a homemaker type with a sheet of cookies. I wonder if she had a ghostbaker?]

Hillary should be true to herself. Be a bore. Be a scold. At least it will be honest. And it won’t be painful for either her or her audience.

To read the full post click here. To read the full text of her speech (what a hypocrite!)


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