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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I will remember the deeds of the Lord… Psalm 77

What the Psalmist here means is, that the wonderful power of God which He has always put forth for the preservation and salvation of His servants, provided we duly reflect upon it, is sufficient to enable us to overcome all sorrows. Let us learn from this, that, although sometimes the remembrance of the works of God may bring us less comfort than we would desire, and our circumstances would require, we must nevertheless strive, that the weariness produced by grief may not break our courage. This is deserving of our most careful attention. In the time of sorrow, we are always desirous of finding some remedy to mitigate its bitterness; but the only way by which this can be done is, to cast our cares upon God. It, however, often happens, that the nearer He approaches us, the more, to outward appearances, does He aggravate our sorrows. … Let us also learn to open our eyes to behold the works of God; the excellence of which is of little account in our estimation, by reason of the dimness of our eyes, and our inadequate perception of them; but which, if examined attentively, will ravish us with admiration. The reason why so many examples of the grace of God contribute nothing to our profit, and fail to edify our faith, is, that as soon as we have begun to make them the subjects of our consideration, our inconstancy draws us away to something else, and thus, at the very commencement, our minds soon lose sight of them.

John Calvin, taken from Heart Aflame; Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms, Day 175.


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