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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The lighter side and fold-out donut trays

Before too many people land here and get upset; it should be noted that Todd Rhoades article, mentioned below, ends with “//satire alert//.”  That having been noted, the sarcastic humor of Todd can be used to remind us of two things:

  1. We must never be afraid to laugh and dwell some on the lighter side.  Even on issues that are serious.  After all, who do we think we are?  Often we take ourselves too seriously, and are not serious enough about God.  I remember when I worked for UPS, as a seminary student, sometimes the guys would cuss in front of me and then they would apologize.  I would respond, “Who am I?  Don’t worry about me, worry about God.”

  2. Satire being what it is, must necessarily incorporate something factual that is often driven to the extreme by sarcasm and irony to expose the vices, follies, and abuses in the world.

That being said, read the previous post and attendant link if you are ready.  If not, wait for some upcoming posts that are more serious and certainly more edifying.


  • Well, I enjoy satire (if not TOO harsh - Evelyn Waugh and Jonathan Swift come to mind) and I had a great time with the KMart story.

    By Anonymous Lindele, at 1:36 PM  

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