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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Et tu, Brute?

The following is copied in toto from Justin Taylor’s blog. It is interesting that the anonymous professor attempts to preempt the fact that his actions are those of a spineless, back stabbing coward. The men whom this perp attacks did not fight the battles of the resurgence anonymously, but placed themselves at risk to stand for what was right. They stood openly against a hostile foe unlike this accuser who hides behind the skirt of anonymity.

The cloak of anonymity provides convenient and fertile ground for a myriad of attacks on an individual’s integrity through malicious gossip, slander and innuendo. Ironically this maligner and his enabler show a lack of the very integrity they decry in those they accuse.

The father of all lies anticipated in his accusations some of the response to his attacks. We can see this mirrored in this anonymous letter to the trustees which states, “No doubt some will equate my anonymity with cowardice” and, Loyalists at these institutions will likely blog or write white papers in defense of their presidents. I am sure that in time this self-proclaimed “conservative” professor like many other detractors in the blogosphere of recent months will prove that his roots are planted somewhere other than in the truth. Well, that is enough from me. I just grow weary of the ugliness under a shroud claimed to be truth. I will let Justin and Tom speak from here. Do follow the links and read everything in full, comments included, particularly comments by Peter Lumpkin on Boyd Luter’s blog.

Anonymity, Cowardice, Sin, and the SBC

I thank God for Tom Ascol.

Yesterday Boyd Luter--a pastor, author, adjunct professor at Liberty Seminary, and (in a stroke of irony) proprietor of a blog entitled Agree to Disagree Agreeably: Playing Nice While Blogging about Frustrating Issues--posted an anonymous letter from an SBC professor to the board of trustees containing a scurrilous attack on Paige Patterson and Al Mohler. Offering an anonymous public accusation of this nature is clearly unbiblical and a profound act of cowardice.

Ascol writes, in part:

After reading and rereading your letter what has become sadly obvious to me is that it demonstrates little understanding of biblical integrity and boldness. The accusations that you make under the cover of anonymity lack courage, plain and simple. You admit your reason, as if doing so justifies your action and alleviates your cowardly action. . . .

Your admission is an indictment of your failure of nerve. You have decided that maintaining a paycheck is more valuable than directly engaging the issues that cause you concern. So, rather than honor Jesus Christ in handling your concerns the way the Bible says to handle them, you sit in the shadows, under the cover of darkness and work like a sniper. Galatians 6:1, Matthew 18:15-18, and Paul's example in Galatians 2:11-21 all rebuke your way of handling your concerns.

Read the whole thing.


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