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Friday, November 28, 2008

We,ve come a long way baby: The Fruit of Feminism

I was eating lunch today at Chipotle with my family when some highschoolers came in, two girls and three guys. They got their food and found a place to sit (always a challenge at Chipotle). And I have to give credit where credit is due; the guys sat on one side of the booth giving the girls more room to sit. But then two more girls showed up and of course the young men offered them their bench. . . Not a chance! Not only did those boys not offer the young ladies their seat (horror of horrors), but they just sat there like three bumps on a log and watched the two girls go and get chairs for themselves. So much for women and children first, so much for chivalry and the gentlemenly arts. I wanted to go over and say, "Young men, one of the marks of manhood is being willing to sacrifice your own comfort for the ladies in your presence placing their needs before your own." And then I would liked to have told the young ladies that "if a guy won't show you deference when your not married to him, do you really think it will get better after your married?" But we shouldn't lay all the blame on our poor young clods. What do we expect from our young men after decades of chastising them for treating women differently than one of the guys. After all wouldn't it be treating those young ladies with less value to offer them their seat? How belittled they would feel if one of those guys offered them a place to sit. Well, such is the world we live in today, thanks in part to the influence of feminism. I always chuckle when I am in a fastfood restuarant like McDonalds or Burger King and see a female manager because you can see the best picture of what feminism has done for women in that situation. Now she not only has to wear a bra, but she has to wear a tie too. Now that's progress for ya. You've come a long way baby.


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