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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ideas and Consequences

In this month's Acts & Facts Henry Morris III reminds us that, "All men and women have faith that their particular presuppositions provide an adequate basis for their actions and lifestyles." Summing up the article he further reminds us that:

Belief controls life. Ideas have consequences.
  • What you believe determines what you think.
  • What you think dictates what you do.
  • And what you do dominates your life.
It is in our fallen nature to struggle with the reality that there is an almighty and all-knowing holy God that we are accountable to. The symptom, not the cause, is a shift in our thinking from trusting the revealed Word of God as the absolute and inerrant source of truth from an unchanging God who cannot lie, to trusting in our own judgment over God's Word. The cause in this shift or symptom is simply that we do not believe what God has said. This is what was behind the sin in the garden and what is at the root of every transgression against God.

An excellent book to start you on your way to understanding ideas and their consequences is The Consequences of Ideas by R. C. Sproul. For further reading I recommend following Dr. Sproul's book with Revolutions in Worldview edited by W. Andrew Hoffecker.


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