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Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 SBC Blog Madness: Opening Round--my votes

The opening round of this year's Blog Madness is closed. This is how I voted, who I am pulling for, and their standings after my votes.

For the East Division:
Total votes at the time: 1169

If I could only choose two of these they would have been Moore to the Point and Praisegod Barebones.

For the Midwest Division:
Total votes at the time: 750

If I could only pick one of these it would be Trevin's Kingdom People.

For the West Division:
Total votes at the time: 666 (I keep finding this number in connection with things I'm doing. Hope it doesn't mean anything! :)

My preferred two of these four are The 9Marks Blog and Eric's blog.

And finally for the South Division:
Total votes at the time: 735

My favored two in this division were Founders and Ed Stetzer, but if I knew it was going to be such a tight race between the two of them, I would have shown my preference for Tom by giving my vote for Ed to someone else.

Well that's the wrap, that's my votes on this probably inconsequential event, but I've had fun with this and look forward to the next round. If you are interested in the final results or the future rounds here's the link: SBC Voices


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