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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christ's Lieutenants

There is a picture over my fireplace that portrays General Robert E. Lee, General Jackson and Lee's other major leaders in the Army of Northern Virginia. The painting is titled "Lee's Lieutenants." But there is a greater army, greater than any army of the South, an army greater than any army of the North, or of America, or of any nation of men that has ever or will ever exist. The leaders in this army whether of units large or small are the undershepherds who serve the Great Shepherd, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Christ's Lieutenants. The week I penned these thoughts I had had the privilege to gather with roughly 300 of these men at Ligonier's 2007 Pastor's Conference for some needed fellowship and rest as well as receiving valuable training and encouragement on the importance of God-centered ministry, "that is conducted in humble submission to the Word of God and that emphasizes the glory of God in worship," ministry, and missions. Topics covered were the Eclipse of God in worship by a man-centered approach to theology by Dr. Steve Lawson, and how that approach compromises the very truth necessary to proclaim God's glory, to understand God's holiness, and to be able to identify man's real need, which is reconciliation to God. Dr. Joel Beeke reminded us under the topic of Target Audience, that, "Our goal is not just to wound people, but to hit the very heart and soul of our hearers." And Dr. Sproul intructed us in preaching through the narratives of the Old Testament. All of these things are valuable for those who would serve as Christ's Lieutenants in the battle for His glory and the salvation of souls.


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