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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Priority of Leadership Qualities

So much of leadership training is focused on administrative skills, knowledge of church constitutions, generating mission and vision statements, and the use of Robert's Rules of Order that one wonders what are the most important characteristics for leaders in the church. Admittedly I find church administrative and leadership books a dreadfully boring read. Something akin to eating dry toast covered with sand, but I honestly question the focus on these things, seemingly to the exclusion of weightier matters of doctrine and practice informed by biblical knowledge. Today's Tabletalk on "The Mystery of the Faith" continues a discussion of leadership qualifications by looking at 1 Timothy 3:9 and the importance of believing the Bible with a clear conscience. A right knowledge of theology is necessary for a clear conscience in the faith. The devotion closes with a quote from John Calvin, "'It would be exceedingly absurd to hold a public office in the Church, while they were ill-informed in the Christian faith, more especially since they must frequently be laid under the necessity of administering advice and consolation.' If you desire to be a deacon or other church leader, your primary concern should not be how to develop your administrative skills but rather your knowledge of the faith."


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