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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Baptists should study Baptist works, from the mouth of a revered Presbyterian

"We may be loyal to a certain tradition, let us say even a good tradition, and yet be quite petrified and superstitious in our loyalty, if we have no higher norm or appeal than the traditions of the fathers. Our devotion to a tradition is wholesome only when we recognize in that tradition, not the authority of the fathers, but the authority of God's Word." John Murray

If we be Baptists, then let it be by conviction, and let that conviction be founded in the Word. But, if we are to understand what it is to be Baptist, and if we are to know if these convictions that define us are founded in the Word, then we must also read the writings that are distinctly Baptist so that we might know if these distinctions are founded in the Word of God. If they are not, then we dare not be Baptist, and if they are, we dare not be anything other than Baptist.

It is time to read. Choose wisely.


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