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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Still Onboard

It has seemingly been an eternity since I have blogged anything. For any who may be checking or may be just passing by, I am going to post again. I have some good things for upcoming posts, but tortoise is the word and patience is a necessity.

Here is some of what I have in store:
  • My (very late in coming) take on the Together for the Gospel conference (it won’t be as complete nor as accurate as Tin Challies postings, but it will be my take; and hopefully there will be some value in that perspective).

  • Reviews of C. J. Mahaney’s books Humility, The Cross Centered Life, and Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God.

  • A review of Dr. Patterson’s Anatomy of a Reformation.

  • Some thoughts on Lifeway Christian Stores carrying Brian McLaren’s book the Secret Message of Jesus (and eventually a review of it).

  • Also an even later examination of Justin Taylor’s and Sam Storms’ response to Chuck Colson’s outburst during worship over music.

A time frame for all of this is unimaginable at this time; and with the Southern Baptist Convention looming ahead amidst preparations to teach Baptist history to my flock this summer, the reality of slowness is taking hold. Pray for me that I will keep all things in their proper order to the glory of God.


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