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Monday, June 22, 2009

SBC 2009 day 2a

T. C. and I got out early enough to catch Mike Landry's message. Mike preached from Jonah and challenged to not only to obey the Great Commission in deed, but to have a heart for the lost that desires and rejoices in their repentance and reconciliation to God. Went for coffee during the music; its not that it wasn't good, but coffee trumps music in my world. Came back in as Ed Stetzer was winding up. What a timely message, it was a timely continuation of Mac Brunson's message last night. Ed is not only a good preacher, but he has passion. If there was only one message so far I could get a copy of it would be this one. Wandered around a bit afterward, the plan was to come back so I could hear Francis Chan, I didn't make it though. I ran into so many old friends in the exibit area that although I really desired to hear brother Chan preach I wouln't trade the time. I was able to enjoy Shofar, a singing group from University of Mobile. They were very good. Wrapped up the morning with an excellent message about forgiveness by Tom Elliff. He described withholding forgiveness to taking poison that we have directed at someone else. It eats us from the inside causing damage to ourselves. He is so right. God has forgiven us much, we should be a people of forgiveness.


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