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Saturday, October 08, 2016

How to Hear the Word, Both Read and Preached

Preparing to receive the Word
  • Preparing your heart & your family’s heart—Begin with Prayer (Col 4:2)
  • Read the text for the sermon before coming to worship (2 Ti 3:14-15) 
  • Consider the importance of worship in the Word (2 Ti 3:16) 
  • Come with an appetite for the Word (1 Pe 2:2) 
  • Come with a tender & teachable attitude (Lk 8:15) 
  • Come expectant (Ac 17:11)
Receiving the Word
  • Be attentive to the Word as it is read and exposited (Heb 2:1)
  • Receive the Word with meekness and humility (Mk 4:20) 
  • Receive the Word in faith (Ja 1:21) 
  • Examine yourself in the light of the Word (2 Co 13:5) 
  • Strive to retain and pray over what you have heard (Heb 2:1) 
  • Practice what you have heard (Ja 1:22-25)
How do you hear the Word of God when it is preached? (How do you receive it?) Remember this is not a game (Eph 6:12)

“Come from your knees to the sermon, and from the sermon to your knees.” – Joseph Alleine