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Sunday, June 11, 2006

SBC, the NeXt Generation

All this talk of letting younger leaders take charge is very interesting.  Who are these younger leaders?  And speaking of younger, how old are they?  Most of them (the ones vying for actual leadership) appear to be boomers.  It seems amidst all of their talk of pride and humility and unity that all they really want is control; not just to be heard and be allowed a part, but to direct and dictate.  Why should GenXers lend them support?  So they can become what they claim to eschew.  No, let us not ally with a Rehoboam generation (1 Kings 11:43-12:19), but let us seek the wise counsel of those who have made great sacrifices and led us well.  Soon enough we will find the yoke of leadership upon us; soon enough we will have to lead without the benefit of the wise counsel of those who have paved the way for us, as their generation passes away.  I pray that at this SBC meeting we, as a convention, will show ourselves wise in the eyes of God, and will not divide the kingdom over petty ambitions. Sola Deo Gloria.


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