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Monday, June 22, 2009

SBC 2009 day 2b&c+

Things very often do not go as planned. Had lunch with my family at Bootleg Bar-B-Q (the food was excellent, I recommend the place) and then returned to the Convention Pastor's Conference in time to catch the last half of Fred Luter Jr's sermon. I would like to have heard the entire thing. Next we elected the officers for next years Pastor's Conference. i don't remember any of their names but I voted for the all. The afternoon was finished out with Mike Huckabee. He spoke about Abimelech the son of Gideon and applied it well to today. Not an expositional sermon but an excellent delivery just the same. Loved his green tie.

Had dinner with my family. It is always a joy to be with them. Returned to the conference in time to hear about half of Dr. Reid's sermon (maybe a little more), this is another sermon I was sad to have missed part of, but what I did get to hear was a blessing. Slipped out to get some info I needed for later in the evening with the intention of returning immediately so that I could hear David Platt; and based on the last 15 minutes of sermon I did hear, I would have to say he delivered the most powerful and most passionate sermon of the conference. I am glad he preached for an hour, otherwise I would have missed it entirely. But as I stated in the previous post, I ran into so many dear friends that I haven't seen for awhile that I would not trade the time. I stayed through all the singing this time and Johnny Hunt delivered a timely message that we Baptists needed to hear. Also, because of the challenge of David Platt and the previous challenge by Dr. Reid, the evening offering was collected toward the Lottie Moon Offering rather than next year's conference. Dr. Reid's challenge was that all those in Southern Baptist vocational work, from leadership, to professors, to pastors consider dedicating 1% of our paychecks to the Lottie Moon offering for International Missions.

After the evening session of the conference Nine Marks Ministries had a meeting titled 9Marks at 9. Mark Dever spoke followed by a panel discussion with Mark, David Platt, Michael McKinley, and Greg Gilbert. I went to the meeting uncertain of how i would exactly get back to my hotel (its only about a mile so I wasn't really worried), but I caught a ride with an old friend.

Now its time to go to bed.


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