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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Law of God

Proposition IX in James Buchanan's work The Doctrine of Justification states: The Law of God, which is the rule of man's duty, is also a revelation of God's eternal Justice and Holiness.

This proposition reminds us in reference to God, that His law is an "authoritative expression of His supreme will" and a "revelation of His essential nature." Buchanan continues, "His will is determined by the infinite perfections of His character." It is His character that is the "real ultimate standard of 'eternal and immutable morality.'" That which God decrees must be understood in the light of His sovereign will. A will that is "regulated in its exercise by His omniscient wisdom." And His moral law, which is an expression of of His will, is the "image and reflection of His own moral perfection."
God is 'holy, and just, and good;' and therefore His law also 'is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.'

"'Be ye holy'--this is the voice of His law." And why? For I am holy, He says (Lev. 11:44; 1 Pet. 1:16). "This is the ground or reason of that law, and it is derived from His essential nature."
God is holy, and the law of the universe is 'holiness to the Lord;' God is just, and the law of the universe is 'justice;' God is true, and the law of the universe is 'truth;' God is love, and the law of the universe is 'love.'

"It reveals what He is, and what His creatures ought to be." It is important not to miss the inevitable conclusion the preceding brings us to, that we are required to render obedience as a duty that is due Him. And let us be reminded that in His perfection, He "can never require more or less, either of obedience or of punishment, than is just and right."

To read more see: The Doctrine of Justification, James Buchanan, ISBN: 159925073X


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